Perth Scoliosis Clinic

Welcome to the Perth Scoliosis Clinic. Please look around our website for all things pertaining to Scoliosis, including services provided by our clinic as well as links to the latest research. We use all evidence based conservative management services including corrective bracing and PSSE corrective exercise as well as host support groups for patients and their family. We want to be there for your scoliosis journey to guide you and support you.
Our Services
We aim to provide unique, patient-centred advice, management and support for every patient and family that comes through our doors.
Our team at Perth Scoliosis Clinic sees patients of all ages and are committed to providing high level care for all patients.
Our Team
With nearly all of our team having a diagnosis of scoliosis themselves, we understand the impact of scoliosis and are committed to supporting everyone on their scoliosis journey.
We believe in using evidence-based practices to bring about better patient outcomes.
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