About Us

Perth Scoliosis Clinic was established in 2014 by Lisa Zorzi with the vision to bridge the gap in scoliosis advice, support and management services available to scoliosis patients and their families.

After experiencing her own scoliosis journey and realising the importance of a patient centred evidence-based approach to the management of scoliosis, Lisa was determined to make this possible and accessible to everyone.

Perth Scoliosis Clinic supports patients and their families throughout the entire scoliosis journey.

Built on the values of Education, Empowerment, Care, Innovation and Teamwork, Perth Scoliosis Clinic equips individual patients and their families with knowledge and also supports them throughout the entire scoliosis journey. Our team is dedicated and passionate – we are committed to managing children, teenagers and adults with scoliosis through individualised Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE) programs, bracing and other evidence-based conservative management. The conservative treatments available at Perth Scoliosis Clinic empower individuals to manage their scoliosis and live everyday life.

At Perth Scoliosis Clinic we understand that a scoliosis diagnosis can be anxiety-creating and daunting for both patient and family. We focus on providing a service that encourages proactivity and empowerment, with ongoing education and support throughout the process, treating the whole person by working to also meet their social and emotional needs around their scoliosis We also run support group services for patients and their families.

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