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Our team at Perth Scoliosis Clinic are dedicated to providing top quality care to all patients. We believe in using evidence-based practices to bring about better patient outcomes. With nearly all of our team having a diagnosis of scoliosis themselves, or having a loved one with scoliosis, we understand the impact of scoliosis first-hand and are committed to supporting everyone on their scoliosis journey.

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Indira was 14 when she was diagnosed with scoliosis and first visited Perth Scoliosis Clinic. Indira was braced for 2 years, worked hard at being compliant with wearing her brace for 22 hours a day and, with the support of Lisa Zorzi and the team at the clinic, she was able to reduce her curve size and avoid the need for surgery.

Indira is a passionate member of the Perth Scoliosis team where she enjoys supporting scoliosis patients and their families through their journey. Indira’s first hand experience is a comfort to scoliosis families as she understands how daunting the journey can be.

Client Experience Officer

Maddie was diagnosed with scoliosis and first visited Perth Scoliosis Clinic when she was 12 years old. Maddie had trouble tolerating her brace but persisted with bracing and committed to her scoliosis corrective exercises and she managed to go through her growth with a fantastic outcome despite her bracing challenges. Maddie draws on her scoliosis journey and the challenges she faced to help impart that hindsight on those coming through our doors.

Maddie loves helping patients understand the journey and is passionate about helping you. She is a gentle soul who has fantastic knowledge of the process and what makes the difference.

Client Experience Officer

Emily is passionate about all things health, studying occupational therapy at Curtin University. She has been a dancer her whole life and still participates at an elite level. She relates strongly to many of our young patients and her attention to detail and commitment to her work at Perth Scoliosis Clinic is second to none.

Em was a support person to many friends going through scoliosis treatment at school including our much loved Indira and we are so grateful to have Em as part of our admin team with her exceptional level of commitment. She knows what it takes to support a person throughout bracing and can impart valuable lessons to those around the scoliosis patient on where they can be assist.

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