Advanced Scoliosis Physiotherapist

Meet Gary - Advanced Scoliosis Physiotherapist

Gary started his physiotherapy journey in Taiwan while his father was having issues with his own scoliosis. This led Gary to start seeking more education and evidence based care to help his father. This started Gary’s passion which would develop into becoming an intergral part of the Perth Scoliosis Clinic team. Gary has recently commenced the process of becoming a WCR trained orthotist and is involved in fitting all the WCR braces with his very capable tool skills combined with his expert knowledge of scoliosis and the 3D nature of the curves. Gary has completed his ISST and BSPTS training with leading experts in the scoliosis field. Don’t be caught by his calm and quiet persona as Gary will push his patients’ to reach the best outcomes.

Gary’s Qualifications:

      • BSPTS L1 Scoliosis Physiotherapist
      • AMTA SIJ Physiotherapist
      • NeuroKinect Therapy L2 Practitioner
      • AAP Dry Needling Therapist
      • Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner
      • Certified Strength for Life Practitioner
      • ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist
      • APC Accredited Oversea Qualified Physiotherapist
      • M.Sc. Clinical Exercise Physiology (UWA)
      • B.Sc. Physiotherapy (KMU)
      • ISST Scoliosis Intensive Training
Gary thrives in helping people with muscular problems.

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