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Meet Gary - Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist

Before coming to Australia, Gary completed a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and is a qualified and registered physiotherapist in Taiwan. He has work experience in a wide variety of settings and domains. Gary worked at a public hospital which involved acute and chronic muscular rehab, pre/post op, cardiopulmonary rehab, neurological rehab as well as paediatric rehab. Furthermore, Gary also has some work experience at a special education school to help physically challenged children and assist teachers in class as part of his alternative military service.

Gary came to Perth to pursue his Masters degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology at University of Western Australia. After completing his masters degree, Gary registered under ESSA as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. He is the only Mandarin-speaking registered Exercise Physiologist in WA.

With the combination of knowledge and experience from both qualifications, Gary thrives in helping people with muscular problems. Furthermore, Gary loves to educate and explain things in detail with his iPad.

Gary is also one of a few qualified NeuroKinectic Therapy practitioners in WA. When it comes to compensation pattern or movement problems, Gary often utilises this technique to help him identify the “missing link” in ones movement. Moreover, Gary is also a certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner. Clinically, Gary uses different taping methods to assist his patients in recovery.

Outside of work, Gary loves coffee, cars, motorcycles and technology. He brews his own pour-over coffee and makes nice latte everyday. Be mindful that Gary will never stop to chatting about cars and motorcycles, when given the opportunity. In terms of hobbies, Gary spends his weekend playing badminton with a group of friends and washing/ detailing his cars.

Gary’s Qualifications:

  • BSPTS L1 Scoliosis Physiotherapist
  • AMTA SIJ Physiotherapist
  • NeuroKinect Therapy L2 Practitioner
  • AAP Dry Needling Therapist
  • Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner
  • Certified Strength for Life Practitioner
  • ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • APC Accredited Oversea Qualified Physiotherapist
  • M.Sc. Clinical Exercise Physiology (UWA)
  • B.Sc. Physiotherapy (KMU)
Gary thrives in helping people with muscular problems.

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