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Rene started her experience with Perth Scoliosis Clinic as a mum of twin girls going through the scoliosis journey. Despite having worked within the world of paediatric physiotherapy for over 20 years, primarily at Princess Margaret Hospital, she still experienced the same overwhelming feelings as many families do when trying to help her beautiful girls go through scoliosis diagnosis and bracing. She knows and lives first-hand with the struggles of being on the other side of scoliosis. This inspiration motivated Rene to start her journey of becoming a Scoliosis-Specific Physiotherapist and she will be your number one advocate and motivator when it comes to best practice care for your child or teen. Rene has previously lectured at Notre Dame University – School of Physiotherapy, developing and teaching the paediatric units.

She is experienced in working with children with hypermobility and a wide range of paediatric and developmental conditions so is well placed to manage the complications of scoliosis as a comorbidity to other conditions such as Ehlers Danlos or Neuromuscular Scoliosis. Rene is a strong believer that rehabilitation should be fun for children and is a passionate advocate for play-based exercise. She shares her time between Perth Scoliosis Clinic and Bodyworks Subiaco, working and mentoring in paediatrics.

Rene will be your number one advocate and motivator when it comes to care for your child or teen

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