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Sasha is driven to health care by her fascination with how it works and how to get it working optimally with interesting conditions. Learning to push her body to achieve great things by being part of the Womens West Coast Eagles team Sasha understands the real meaning of pushing through to get a result. After working at Perth Scoliosis Clinic under Lisa, throughout her practical year Sasha realised working with kids with Scoliosis was like no other part of physiotherapy and it really sparked her interest in being part of this world. Sasha works with a deep desire to be part of something bigger than herself and change lives.

Sasha was an integral part of Perth Scoliosis Clinic’s stand at Spine Week and had many discussions with leading spinal care practitioners throughout the world. She is an up and coming leader in our field. Sasha has completed her ISST training with world leader Sanja Schreiber and is developing her clinical case load.

Sasha like no other brings love and kindness into her consultations

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