Seminars & Training

Seminars & Training

If you would like our team to come and educate your allied health team in the way they can best help their scoliosis patients, please reach out to our team. Does your team see Scoliosis patients and not feel confident with what they are doing? We have the ability to target a specific workshop for the needs of your workplace. We are available for online zoom training workshops making us accessible Australia-wide or in person workshops. We can tailor them to the needs of your team.

Our team currently lectures for both of the physiotherapy schools on scoliosis, regularly contributes to the APA, as guest lecturing and runs multiple workshops every year for the likes of Therapy Focus, private practice physiotherapy practices, pilates clinics, GP seminars and allied health contributions, both in the city and rural and remotes locations.

Please reach out to the team to see if this is something that we could make work for your team.

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