Scoliosis Physiotherapy for Adults

Scoliosis Physiotherapy For Adults in Perth

Adult treatment of scoliosis is about making sure we listen to and understand our patient’s goals and also educate and build a comprehensive treatment plan together with the person seeking help.

We work with adult patients to assist with various goals such as: improving aesthetics, preventing/managing progression, addressing pain symptoms and achieving a desired quality of life. We often assess and educate an adults’ current treating team on how they can be more specific and targeted to an adults’ care.

Having scoliosis is a lifelong issue and there are three times in your lifetime that scoliosis is most likely to progress; these being adolescence/peak growth, pregnancy/post natal and menopause/bone health decline. We are well equipped to help you go through these phases and all of the phases in between to come up with the best plan with you and also with any other aligning allied health.

We also manage our patients through prehab for preparation for their scoliosis surgery and then post op rehabilitation. The care required before and after surgery needs to address the scoliosis surgery and our team is trained and up to date with all the surgeries currently being performed in australia. We have extensive experience in dealing with surgical management and due to the permanence of surgery it is important that you do your prehab and post op rehab with someone who has that expertise.

We often work with Bodyworks Subiaco for access to scoliosis safe rehabilitation groups, pilates and strength training programs, as they offer a diverse range of group sessions that can help with those wanting more in house regular rehabilitation and pilates.

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