WCR Bracing in Perth

The WCR brace was created by world famous leading orthotist Grant Wood from the Align Clinic (USA). It combines the work of 3 great minds in the scoliosis community, Grant Wood, Dr Jaques Cheneau, Dr Manuel Rigo, with the first Cheneau brace being made in 1979 and being adapted with research to be the brace we know as WCR today. WCR braces are endorsed by The International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT) and are supported by some of the highest levels of evidence-based effectiveness.

It has always been Lisa’s vision to have a place where patients’ can go to be completely conservatively managed- and know they are in “the right place”. This is where the decision to align with Grant Wood and the team from Align Clinic in the USA has come from. The teams’ values and patient care really represent and align with those of the Perth Scoliosis Clinic team as his attention to detail and patient care is second to no one in the world. If you get a brace with Perth Scoliosis Clinic you might even be lucky enough to meet our amazing team support via zoom, Stephanie Romero and Raul Ferrera Hernández.

We have always had pride supporting families through their scoliosis pathways and we will continue to do so no matter what bracing decision, or specialist they work with as we would like for them to feel respected no matter what decision they make on the treatment pathway – as long as it is an informed decision.

The bracing process involves a 1 hour assessment doing a comprehensive radiological assessment, over 40 photos, a 3D Scan, and multiple measurements that ensures we get the best fit and quality brace. We then send to our team of world leaders throughout America and Spain working with the leading minds in scoliosis to design and create your individualised WCR scoliosis brace. The turnaround time is approximately a month (depending on shipping). The fitting is custom to the patient, often with the help and oversight of our experts in America and Spain ensuring that every WCR brace is the best brace for that patient. There are oftens whispers about other braces being the same as a WCR brace, but the multiple scoliosis experts involved in making and designing the brace that Perth Scoliosis Clinic fits is what makes sure it fits perfectly and gets the desired correction every time. We are so lucky in Western Australia to have access to this world class brace.

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