Scoliosis Physiotherapy for Children

Scoliosis Physiotherapy for Children - Paediatrics (Under 10) in Perth

Play-based exercise is an integral part of physiotherapy management for children with early onset scoliosis, allowing them to understand and manage their scoliosis but also learn that movement is fun and can be built into life. We are very careful with our young scoliosis patients to do only what is necessary during their early growth phase, so that we don’t overtreat and therefore avoid treatment burnout. We also ensure we monitor and follow up our young patients so that we pick the ideal time for treatment, whilst avoiding stress for both the patient and the families with unnecessary treatment too early.

Evidence shows that scoliosis is typically less progressive in the early years until a child begins their pubertal growth spurt and it is important we are most proactive with treatment at this point in adolescence. We will ensure that your child is closely monitored throughout their scoliosis journey, in the lead up to their adolescent growth phase to ensure the right intervention is provided at the most appropriate time.

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